Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Yes, I am thirsty....

One of my favorite blogs is by Gen.  She writes amidst thyroid cancer, a child with epilepsy, a job, a husband, 3 other children and fainting spells because of a not-responding pacemaker.  Gracious.  How does she do it?  Her blog the other day was about thirst.  Waking up thirsty is something that we all do/have done.  Or, we have a child that calls out in the middle of the night, "Mama, I am thirsty."  It makes so much sense that I am thirsty for God's Word.  That I wake up in the night and I am scared and I am thirsty.  I am thirsty for those Words that comfort me.  Thirsty for His words that calm my soul.  Yes, I am thirsty...often.  Ready for God's words to quench the dry in my throat.  He is the only one who can take the parched places and wet them.  Without His words, I am a desert.  Drying up everyday that I am away from Him.  So often in my life, I have run through the desert.  Longing for His Living Water and yet refusing to drink from the River of Life.  Now, I am desperately running toward that River.  I need the Rain.  I need the life that comes from the Water that runs underground.  I need HIM.  Are you thirsty?  Run to Him.  Drop everything that you have and run to the Living Water.  It WILL quench your thirst.  He will satisfy the longing you have every morning when you wake up.

Monday, October 18, 2010



Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Thankful Tuesday

Thankful today for so many things:

-a grandfather with alzheimers who DOES NOT have kidney cancer
-a brisket marinating in the fridge
-a father/daughter date
-a house that is GOING to sell quickly
-a FATHER who provides all my needs
-autumn leaves falling
-cupcakes in the oven
-iced tea everyday
-an aunt passing down grandmother's 1950's cookware
-the freckle faced smile of a 7 year old
-the quiet love and acceptance of my wonderful husband
-ladies Bible study each Tuesday night and all of the prayers
-soft, furry kitty cats who sleep behind your knees

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thankful Thursday

SO Thankful for:

birthday celebrations
God's faithfulness despite my unfaithfulness
clean sheets
cold weather coming
taco pile-up and all my mother-in-law's recipes
precious friends who KNOW you and still like you
purring kitty cats
friends in far away places
tom yum soup
homemade pound cake
a warm husband to snuggle with in the bed
old lace on a new dress
finding new friends on the internet who love sewing as much as you do

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday Thankfulness

Thankful for:

a husband who is sensitive to my needs
an eleven year old daughter tomorrow
a tiny baby girl, eleven years ago with black as night curls
birthday celebrations
a husband who takes days off to be with me
not living on the side of a cliff in Guatemala (www.holy
Ann's willingness to go to Guatemala
iced tea
the smell of new paint
four faces quiet with sleep
Muddy's Bake shop
friends who celebrate events like "finished with chemo"
golden oreos

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Thankful on Sunday

bicycle rides through the park on my new bike
a newly spackled bathroom
cooler weather
singing in the car with Himself
pretzel M&Ms
reconnecting with an old friend
being able to FREELY love my JESUS
books to read
fancy chicken and rice
God WATCHING over our family and protecting us from the evil one
brown sugar body scrub
Anna and her blog...she's back and I am thrilled
sleepy baby eyes and milky smiles

Monday, August 30, 2010

Thankful on Monday

for quiet in the mornings
for little talking toes
fall coming
long grocery lists
God's provisions
her curling hair, blowing in the breeze
his sun-bronzed skin
breakfast in a bowl
my van
His obedience to the Father that allows me to be close to HIM
for my comfortable bed and the fluffy covers on the top of it

At our 10th wedding anniversary

At our 10th wedding anniversary
we are now at year 15.5!