Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Yes, I am thirsty....

One of my favorite blogs is by Gen.  She writes amidst thyroid cancer, a child with epilepsy, a job, a husband, 3 other children and fainting spells because of a not-responding pacemaker.  Gracious.  How does she do it?  Her blog the other day was about thirst.  Waking up thirsty is something that we all do/have done.  Or, we have a child that calls out in the middle of the night, "Mama, I am thirsty."  It makes so much sense that I am thirsty for God's Word.  That I wake up in the night and I am scared and I am thirsty.  I am thirsty for those Words that comfort me.  Thirsty for His words that calm my soul.  Yes, I am thirsty...often.  Ready for God's words to quench the dry in my throat.  He is the only one who can take the parched places and wet them.  Without His words, I am a desert.  Drying up everyday that I am away from Him.  So often in my life, I have run through the desert.  Longing for His Living Water and yet refusing to drink from the River of Life.  Now, I am desperately running toward that River.  I need the Rain.  I need the life that comes from the Water that runs underground.  I need HIM.  Are you thirsty?  Run to Him.  Drop everything that you have and run to the Living Water.  It WILL quench your thirst.  He will satisfy the longing you have every morning when you wake up.

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At our 10th wedding anniversary

At our 10th wedding anniversary
we are now at year 15.5!